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About us

Name of the specialization: Film, photography and media
Domain: Arts
Special domain: Film and media
Number of students: 12 tuition free/13 contributing to tuition
Form of education: 3 years BA
Contribution to tuition: 350 EUR/year
Official denomination inscribed on the licence obtained: Licenţiat în artele filmului - Cinematografie, fotografie, media (Regie de film şi TV / Imagine de film şi TV / Comunicare audiovizuală: scenaristică, publicitate media)

The Department of Photography, Film and Media was founded in 2003 within the Sapientia - Hungarian University of Transylvania, at the Faculty of Sciences and Arts in Cluj-Napoca.

At present it offers three lines of specialization for its students:
a) director of film and television,
b) director of photography of film and television,
c) audiovisual communication (screenwriting, media advertising).

The programme of the students consists of:

  • fundamental or compementary courses which are compulsory for student who chose any of the given possibilities of specialization (e.g. history of film, theory and analysis of film,  photography, visual language, history of culture, dramaturgy and scriptwriting, workshops for film directing and creation of film images, etc.)
  • special courses that are chosen in accordance with the lines of specialization (from the package of optional courses offered separately for film directors, directors of photography and students specializing in audiovisual communication).

Subspecialization is achieved through the optional courses of specialization that define each line of specialization within the department. Students are required to choose their own route of specialization/subspecialization be the end of the first year of study.

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