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Young Filmmakers' Workshop

"The Workshop" started its activity on the evening of 16th of October 2008, around 21.23 in the café inside Victoria cinema. The idea was that film students from the Sapientia University should form a creative group that could include not only actual students of the university but bring them together with all the former students willing to collaborate in artistic projects. In this way a continuity could be established between present and former students of the university and students who have already left school could still consider themselves part of a creative group and still have the possibility to realize new film projects attached to the university just like they used to do at the time of their studies.

The so called "Workshop" is open to all the students and teachers at the Sapientia University. At the meetings held at the studio located in Deva street there are discussions about ongoing and future projects, the elaboration of new scripts, etc. Such meetings are usually held every other week or every month usually on Tuesday, 8 o'clock p.m. The exact date of the next meeting is announced through the lists of emails.

The "Workshop" is  also in the process of becoming a separate legal entity, procedures have already been started, eventually the"Workshop" is going to bear the official name of the "István Szőts Workshop" (named after a famous Hungarian director originating from Transylvania). But until this happens we prefer to simply use the name of "Workshop."


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