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Intermediality in Contemporary Central and East European Cinema

May 30-31, 2016.

Call for Papers

This two-day workshop organized at the Sapientia Hungarian University of Transylvania will bring together researchers in order to select and discuss papers for an edited volume centered on issues of intermediality in contemporary Central and East European Cinema(to be submitted to a publishing house later in 2016, in conclusion of a research project started in 2013). The event will also continue our collaboration with a similar research project at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest.

We will exchange ideas in the form of:

  • A ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSION meant to clarify topics, methodological and theoretical issues related to East European cinema with the participation of the experts on East European Cinema, EWA MAZIERSKA (Professor of Contemporary Cinema at the University of Central Lancashire, co-editor of a forthcoming volume entitled Cinemas of the Body: Politics, Aesthetics and Eroticism in Eastern European Film), and CHRISTINA STOJANOVA (Associate Professor at the University of Regina, currently co-editing a volume of studies on New Romanian Cinema).
  • PRESENTATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL PAPERS regarding strategies of intermediality, remediation or media reflexivity discernible in the cinemas of Central and Eastern Europe (including Russia).



The conference report about the event was published in Studies in Eastern European Cinema in August 2016. The article written by Bencze Kránitz can be accessed here.

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