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The second, enlarged edition of Ágnes Pethő's book has been published
02/11/2020 01:49 AM

Cinema and Intermediality. The Passion for the In-Between. Second Enlarged Edition. Cambridge S.P.

The book contains three new chapters written during the research project entitled Rethinking Intermediality in Contemporary Cinema: Changing Forms of In-Betweenness, a new introductory study and a foreword by Lúcia Nagib.

This volume explores types and stylistic devices of intermediality through a wide range of case studies. It addresses major theoretical issues and highlights the relevance of intermedial relations in film history, mapping the theoretical field by outlining its main concepts and the research avenues pursued in the study of cinematic intermediality, including the most recent approaches and methodologies. It also presents some major templates of intermediality through various examples from world cinema, including closer looks at films by auteurs like Alfred Hitchcock, Michelangelo Antonioni, Jean-Luc Godard, and Agnès Varda. Supplemented by three new chapters dealing with phenomena which came into view since its first publication, the revised and enlarged edition of this ground-breaking volume will serve as a useful handbook to clarify key ideas and to offer insightful analyses.

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