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Tamás Hadnagy - Kiskapus No.1

Photographs made by out student for the exhibition entitled Between Places (18-23 Oct.)

"Kiskapus (Copșa Mică) is a small town in Sibiu county, Romania. Between the two World Wars, the industrialization of the area began by building a carbon black factory in 1936 and later a few non-ferrous metal forges in 1939.
In the socialist regime the government was hiding information about the pollution which was caused by the factory. In 1980 Kiskapus became one of the most polluted cities in Europe. In 1990 after the revolution, the factory closed leaving the 50 percent of the population unemployed. Kiskapus is a typical example of over industrialized small towns in Eastern Europe, where the economic growth transformed into environmental and social catastrophes.
In photographer tries to capture the two time planes, by combining the flowchart of the factory and documentary pictures about the area in the present.
The shots were taken on Polaroid paper and transferred on the chart by emulsion lift."

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