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X. International Film and Media Studies Conference in Transylvania


Cluj-Napoca, 2007. May 25-26.

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Ágnes Pethő (ed.): Words and Images on the Screen. Language, Literature, Moving Pictures. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2008.



Call for Papers

We invite participants to address the following issues:

  • Visible and audible language in films,
  • visuality and language, relations between images and texts in films,
  • (verbal) narration and visuality in films,
  • collage of texts in films,
  • poetry and painterly compositions in film,
  • linguistic rhetoric and cinema rhetoric,
  • conceptuality, abstraction, sensuality in linguistic and visual layers of films,
  • relations between literature and film approached from a historic or theoretic perspective,
  • adaptation, intermediality, intertextuality,
  • the linguistic history of cinema: historic modalities of using language in cinema (e.g. silent films and verbal language, the style of intertitles, dialogues and narrators of classic narrative films, modernist relations between images and words, postmodern heteroglosia, etc.),
  • style of titles and credit sequences in film,
  • analyses of the relations between commentary and illustration in television genres,
  • colonization of visual culture by linguistic communication and language in general,
  • relations between image and text in non-fiction films and experimental cinema.

Invited keynote speakers:
GÁBOR GELENCSÉR (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest),
ANDRÁS BÁLINT KOVÁCS (Eötvös Loránd University Budapest).

Language of the conference: Hungarian and English.


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