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First Cut:
18/06/2017 04:15 PM

we are proud to present a selection of our students' works from the department of film, photography and media.

The event entitled First Cut will take place on the 23rd of June, 5 PM at the central building of our university on the Turzii street. We invite you to take part in a screening of the freshest exam-films and five installations/exhibitions. We'll meet at five in the lobby for a quick opening ceremony, after which the patrons have an hour to see all the exhibitions. The screening commences at 6 o'clock at the Aula Magna. We hope you enjoy yourselves!


We'll screen the following films:

Hegyi Andor: I Love CLUJ (short fiction, 16’)

Ambrus Emese: Europe's Small Street (documentary, 51’)

Nagy Anita: Without Sugar (short fiction, 14’)

Nagy Klementina: Landscape in a Bowl (animated sort, 5’)

Sztercey Benedek Szabolcs: Your Face Without The Screen (short fiction, 22’)

Buzási Gyopár: Babuka in the Grass (animated documentary, 10’)

Bónusz: FFM1: Cluj City Lights (Christmas Burlesque) (13’)


You can watch the following five exhibitions:

First location, in the lobby near Aula Magna: "Loud images"

Our 2nd year BA students had to edit together an artistic photograph (shot by them) with a foley soundtrack (also recorded and mixed by themselves). Teachers: Fazakas Áron, Mira Marincaș. The works are as follows:

Csurka László-Csongor: Overtime
Fodor-Kiss Hunor: Monsoon
Frunză Roland: Under Myself
Gyenes-Kristófi Gergely: Overthought Bath Thoughts
Incze Kata: Prologue
Józsa Ádám István: Mask
Szabó D. Tamás: Workday

Second location: 5th floor, hallway: photo exhibiton

You can watch the works of our Erasmus exchange students from Eger's Eszterházy Károly University in Hungary. Teacher: Mira Marincaș, students: Bicsák Boglárka, Fülöp Anett, Rengei Máté.

Third location: studio: "Moving Images"

These photo/video-installations were made by our MA students for the class entitled Film and other arts (teacher: Pethő Ágnes). The task was to create works of art that combine the artistic tools of photography, film and installation.

  • MA, first year - Ilyés Zalán: Photo-film

How does space as spectacle change when movent and stationarity, photo and film come together in a tension? Video installation made using still and moving photography, in the alcove in front of the studio.

  • MA, first year collective: The Artists are Represented

Marshall McLuhan: „The medium is the message.” Us: „The medium is a position of power.” Made by Ambrus Emese, Hegedüs Norbert, Ilyés Zalán, Lakatos Mihály, Oláh-Badi Levente, Patrubány Csilla.

  • MA, second year collective: Mănăștur/Monostor

This video installation presents the multicolored world of Cluj's Mănăștur neighborhood. Filmed by Ambrus Emese, Antal Szabolcs, Balla Zoltán, Holhos Fanni, Márton László, with the help of Major Lajos, Székely Előd.


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