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Volume 16 of our international Film and Media Studies journal has just been published
05/08/2019 09:15 PM

Frames, Sensations and Transgressions



  • Ian Germani, Christina Stojanova: Introduction Full text in PDF
  • Ian Germani: German Expressionism in Context: the First World War and the European Avant-Garde Full text in PDF
  • Christina Stojanova: German Cinematic Expressionism in Light of Jungian and Post-Jungian Approaches Full text in PDF
  • Andrew Burke: From Weimar to Winnipeg: German Expressionism and Guy Maddin Full text in PDF
  • Leanne Groeneveld: Modernist Medievalism and the Expressionist Morality Play: Georg Kaiser's From Morning to Midnight Full text in PDF
  • Gerald Saul, Chrystene Ells: Shadows Illuminated. Understanding German Expressionist Cinema through the Lens of Contemporary Filmmaking Practices Full text in PDF



  • Steven Willemsen, Miklós Kiss: Last Year at Mulholland Drive: Ambiguous Framings and Framing Ambiguities  Full text in PDF
  • Bori Máté: Haptic Transgression. The Horror of Materiality in Kurt Kren's Films Full text in PDF
  • Luíza Alvim: Rhythms of Images and Sounds in Two Films by Robert Bresson Full text in PDF
  • Borbála Bökös: Human-Alien Encounters in Science Fiction: A Postcolonial Perspective Full text in PDF
  • Hasan Gürkan: The Experiences of Women Professionals in the Film Industry in Turkey: A Gender-Based Study Full text in PDF
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