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EUFA/European University Film Awards participaton for the third time
15/12/2019 03:26 PM

In the autumn semester of 2019-2020 we participated again in the joint project of Hamburg Film Festival and the European Film Academy destined for students.

Among the 2019 prize categories of the European Film Academy figured the EUFA-prize too, and the nominated films were included in the courses of 24 European universities. Participating countries spread from Iceland to Israel, and Romania was represented this year too by Sapientia University.

The five films selected by the preliminary jury at the 2019 Hamburg Filmfest were screened and discussed in the context of the class Contemporary Film Theory (tutor: Andrea Virginás). These are:

And Then We Danced (d. Levan Akin, Sweden, France, Georgia, trailer here);

God Exists, Her Name is Petrunija (d. Teona Stugar Mitevska, North Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Croatia, trailer here);

Piranhas (r. Claudio Giovannesi, Italia, trailer here);

Portrait of a Lady on Fire (d. Céline Sciamma, Franța, trailer here);

System Crasher (d. Nora Fingscheidt, Germania, trailer here).

The favourite of our group (Hunor-Attila Deák, Bence Fazakas, Ákos Karácsony, Barnabás Kiss, Katalin Lestyán, Orsolya Salamon, Rebeka Sarkadi, Janka Szabó) was Sweden's proposal for the Oscars, And Then We Danced.

The final EUFA debate, with the participation of one representative from each of the 24 universities, took place between 3-6 December 2019, in Hamburg. This jury awarded the prize to Portrait of a Lady on Fire, they are captured on the below photo, together with our representative,  Rebeka Sarkadi.




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