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VIII. International Film and Media Studies Conference in Transylvania

Cluj-Napoca, 2005. May 24-25.

Conference Programme:




Call for Papers:

We invite participants to address the following issues:

  • The possibilities of delimiting art films from commercial films within the context of recent developments in world cinema and taking into account the newest trends in film theory. The position of art films in contemporary culture from the viewpoint of film production, distribution and reception.
  • The relationship of film and the other arts in course of the history of cinema. Analyses of concrete cases of the relations between film and the other arts.
  • The reflexive art film and the evolution of techniques of reflexivity in the universal history of cinema (differences between avant-garde reflexivity, modernist reflexivity and post-modern reflexivity). General theoretical (aesthetic, cognitive, philosophic) problems of experimental cinema.
  • Concrete cases in which we see contacts between art cinema and popular culture: a) quotations in art films, b) techniques of art films that appear also in midcult movies (concrete film analyses or general typologies), c) relations of midcult movies with the other arts (e.g. "picto-films," literary adaptations in the form of "quality" TV series).
  • Signs of the digital age within art cinema: a) thematization of digital visual culture in art films or in commercial films, b) digital manipulation of images as stylistic figures, c) new forms of digital imagery used as quotations in art films, commercial and midcult movies.

Invited keynote speakers:

JOSEPH D. ANDERSON (University of Central Arkansas, USA)
LÁSZLÓ TARNAY (University of Pécs, Hungary)

Official language of the conference: Hungarian and English.


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