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ESF Exploratory Workshop

Convened by: Ivo Blom (NL), Francesco Casetti (IT), Ágnes Pethő (RO), Jens Schroeter (DE), Antonio Somaini (IT), Yvonne Spielmann (UK), Ginette Verstraete (NL)
Location: 12-14 June 2009, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This workshop explores the concepts and practices of intermedia and intermediality and related terms (multimedia, convergence, hybridisation, appropriation, migration, remediation, etc.), in different national, disciplinary and historical contexts: how do we understand the convergence between arts and media, how do we curate it, and how do we fund it? In addition to conceptualisation, we look at three other important categories: intermediality in historical research, intermediality in curatorship and intermediality in assessment and funding institutions. We are explicitly seeking to establish a future European research programme and network, involving academics with a wide range of nationalities, disciplines, experiences and ambitions, whilst also trying to provide a European platform for exploring ways of dealing with the current situation in the arts and media world as regards increasing intermedial relationships.

Details about the workshop, programme and participants here.

Dissemination of results: Acta Universitatis Sapientiae: Film and Media Studies - Volume 2, 2010.

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