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Nisimazine Abu Dhabi film journalism workshop
21.07.2011 10:57

Dată limită: 15 august, 2011.


We are launching the Call for Participants for the second edition of the Nisimazine Abu Dhabi film journalism workshop! The event will take place from 13th - 22nd August at the Abu Dhabi International Film Festival (United Arab Emirates), inviting 8 young journalists from Europe and the Arab world to collaborate on making a daily magazine - printed and online - covering the festival programme.

Candidates aged between 18-35 can apply either as film critic or photographer. We are also interested in people with video-blogging skills.

You can find the detailed call and application form on the Nisimazine website: http://www.nisimazine.eu/Upcoming-Workshops.html

Deadline 15th of August before midnight!


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